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Is it really only one month until Xmas?

As we wind down toward the end of another year I look back and ask myself "how did we do?"

Yes, there were extraordinary conditions, and we all know what they were.

But I think there was also a sense of 'let's get on with it and do the best we can' in the circumstances. Typical Kiwi resilience I guess.

This 'can do' spirit is something I am particularly proud of about The Profit Club.

I have watched so many people grow in confidence over the last few years and to see the pride they take in their businesses now is hugely rewarding. From quiet, shy and sometimes feeling overwhelmed, wondering if their business was going to survive, to straight-backed look-you-in-the-eye confidence - it has been quite a journey for some.

Others came to us with a start-up situation and no customers - to now having thriving businesses with a full order book. One member (when I first met him) wondered if he could afford the small fee. Now he asks if he is paying enough!

So, the rewards are significant in this game. For host and member alike. For some it is about maintaining a comfortable lifestyle in challenging times. For others it is all about growth and becoming a 'player' in their market. And for everyone it is about getting that 'leg-up' we all need from time to time.

For me it is about making a valuable contribution to the lives of people we meet and to the economy of the place we all call home.

Merry Xmas everyone. And here is to a cracking 2022 for us all.

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