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The Profit Club is back for 2023!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

On Thursday 19th January we will be hosting our first Napier meeting of the year and then on January 26th we will running our first 90-Day Planning session for the year.

This is the beginning of our brand new 'Value Escalator' programme for 2023.

The 'Value Escalator' is how we describe what we do for our members and private clients.

Think of it this way. The longer you ride the escalator the higher the value of your business gets.

The first two meetings of the year are especially important. Session one is where every member decides on the strategic theme for their business for this year. It is a great management tool that focuses the owner and the team on core strategy and growth ideas.

The 90-Day Planning session happens at the second meeting and is a key part of what we do. It drives the tactical growth each inside each and every business we work with for each three month period of the year, making sure that what needs to be done gets done.

The combination of our first and second sessions is a powerful kick-start to the year for any business.

There is another important reason to consider getting on the Value Escalator. If you are one of the many business owners who plan to sell up in a few years it is vital you start to build greater dollar value into your business now so that buyers and investors find it attractive when the time comes.

Buyers don't want cheap - they want profitable. With only 4 out of 10 businesses ever selling it makes sense to be the most attractive proposition on the block, doesn't it?

And if you are depending on a sale for your retirement you really need to start now. On average it takes two years to get a business genuinely 'sale ready'.

The Profit Club starts the 'Value Escalator' programme for 2023 with our Business Theme meeting on January 19th, followed just a week later with the 90-Day Planning session on January 26th.

If you want to find out more about meeting times and venues please use our contact page to get in touch. New visitors attend for free!

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