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Excited about a new project?

It may not last!

I don't know about you but when I have a new project on the horizon I get a bit excited! Something new to do! Something to break into the routine of the usual day in the office. This will be great, I think. It will really make a difference! Positive endorphins kick in and I am keen to get going!

This is known as the 'Optimism' phase of the New Project Cycle.

But as the project gets underway, the reality kicks in. Maybe it is a little harder that I thought it would be. Or the information and research phase is a bit difficult. Or just flat out boring. Maybe it is proving to be a bigger or less interesting challenge that I thought it would be.

This is known as the 'Hard Yards' phase of the cycle.

So, I ask, why am I doing this? Do I actually need this, or even want this project done?" What is the real value to me anyway? Then I think about why I started it in the first place - and I realise that the value in the end will be well worth it. This is known as the WIIFM phase - 'What's In It For Me'.

And so, realising there is a significant upside, I push on through and get it done. And when the benefits start to show I am pleased, proud and happy with what I have accomplished.

This is the final step and is known as the 'Results' part of the New Project Cycle.

What I have just described is the emotional rollercoaster that most people working on a new project experience. It is a universal phenomenon so you are not alone if you recognise these feelings. Now, because you are aware of this you can actually use it to your advantage. By understanding where you are in the cycle you can motivate yourself to get it done. And so get to the results stage faster.

Try it next time you have a new project to do and drop us a line to let us know your thoughts.

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