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Do you have a theme for 2022?

A neat little trick I learned a year or two ago was to give a fresh theme to each new business year.

The theme I choose is dependent on a number of factors including what the year just gone has been like, what I want out of the year ahead and how I am feeling about myself right now.

After a year of confusion and consolidation in 2021 it might make sense to have an energetic or positive theme for 2022. (Someone emailed me the other day to say her theme for her business this year was 'Vitality' - which I like.)

I have chosen 'Let's Go!' for this year because we have big plans in 2022 for The Profit Club. (I can also be guilty of putting things off that I don't really want to do - so this is a reminder to get them done and move on.)

Having an annual theme provides you with a guiding principle for the year ahead.

Whenever you are feeling flat or unsure what to do - think about your theme and ask 'what does it suggest I do about it?'

When you are thinking about actions inside the business what does your theme suggest you do? What marketing ideas spring from your theme? What does Customer Satisfaction look like with this theme? You get the idea.

Try it. See how it works for you. And if you are inclined, let me know the theme you have chosen for your business in 2022. I'd like to share the inspirations.

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