Albie, the 67-year-old hardware salesman is a genius!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

My wife recently bought a heavy mirror recently and asked my to hang it in the guest bedroom. "In the center of that space please!" I don't know about you - but hanging a heavy mirror on a gib-lined wall bothers me a bit - so off to the hardware store I go.

Albie in the aisle is very helpful. How heavy? You will need one of these to put into the wall first. What will you use to tap it in? A heavy hammer? No you better use one of these - less chance of damaging the wall. What is it strung on? Nylon string? You better get some picture wire just to be sure! Have you got pads to stop it rubbing on the wall? Here is a pack of 12. And so on...

I went to the store to get one item worth a few bucks and left with 5 or 6 having spent $35.

Albie was a genius at working up his average dollar sale. I probably didn't really need some of what I bought - but I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange - and I was learning from him as he explained a few things to me. I bought everything he recommended and was happy to do so.

So here is my question for you:

What do you need to ask your customers to drive up your average sale like Albie does?

Have you ever truly thought about it? Most business owners in our experience never have. But by asking a few relevant questions and demonstrating empathy with my issues Albie more than quadrupled the value of the sale. What would an Albie (or a team of Albie's) do for your business? Worth thinking about isn't it?

At Profit Club meetings we help our members to draft a script to try it on a few customers. They then adapt it and try again until it works every time.

By the way - you will be amazed how many customers actually thank you for asking your questions - because it reminds them of what else they needed!

And as we say at The Profit Club: That's a Win/Win.

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