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Do you hold yourself accountable?

At our recent Club meetings in Napier, Hastings and Waipukurau we have been teaching everyone the 5-Ways formula. It is the magic formula that opens a business owners eyes to the easiest and most effective way to grow a business.

Not everyone wants to build and own a multi-national but most business owners we meet want to be comfortable and relatively stress-free. That means a decent level of growth and a good return on their investment. It should be possible for any owner of a well-run business to draw a decent salary and receive a healthy dividend payment every year.

Knowing and employing the 5-Ways formula is fundamental to achieving these outcomes. And the key? Did you notice what I just said? "Knowing and employing".

That is why we hold everyone we teach the 5-Ways to accountable for putting it into action. It is not enough to know it - you have to use it.

At The Profit Club we know around 150 tactics that brings the 5-Ways to life in any business. Every quarter we insist on our members choosing 5 of them - and implementing them before the 3 months is up. That's 20 growth ideas going into each business every year!

So, we hold them accountable to get the things done that they say they will.

Do you have someone who does that for you?

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