Join the club, see the results.


There’s truth in the idea that a problem shared is a problem solved.


With The Hawke’s Bay Profit Club, we’ve created a group of like-minded people who meet fortnightly

to share their ideas and concerns with the aim of helping each other succeed.

There’s something calming and reassuring about talking through your issues and opportunities

with people who only want the best for you. And when the power of all the business experience in the room

is focused on your business, great things can happen.

What we do...

We’re an organisation that helps our members to make more money from their business,

get more time back for their home life, and have more fun along the way.

We deal with everyday issues in every single meeting, sending members home with ideas

they can action immediately to get the profit outcomes they want.

We deal with the challenges that are holding business owners back and show them

what to do about them.


Our aim is to help build general business knowledge in key areas such as sales,

productivity, marketing, team building, staff, advertising, financials and time management.

We provide fresh ideas, tricks of the trade, tactics and effective strategies that have been

tried and tested all over the world and that we know will work in any business.

No exhausting textbook theory here, just great practical and usable ideas for visible financial results, fast.


Who we’re for...

Owners of small to medium sized Hawke’s Bay businesses.

You may be facing particular challenges, looking to make significant changes

or seeking effective strategies for growth. Or you may simply be looking for a supportive network

that understands what it’s like to be the owner of your own business.

And we believe in educating your team.

Talk to us about bringing a key person from your business every week.

We have a great One Business/Two People Membership option.

After all, two people executing new ideas in one business make things happen twice as fast!

Membership is available to all Hawke’s Bay business owners.
We offer single and multiple membership options.

No long term contracts.
Membership is 50% subsidised

by the Government.

A single person membership is $300 a month less 50% subsidy - that's just $150 a month!

No tricks, no gimmicks. Plain common sense, simple strategies and effective tactics you can use in your business from the very first day.

Enjoy a forum to share worries, find answers and develop camaraderie with other business owners.

We meet every fortnight on a Thursday at 7.30am and finish by 9.00am.


This leaves the entire working day available to our members.


Our next meeting dates are:

May 13th

May 27th

June 10th

June 24th

July 8th

July 22nd

(Our next 90 Day Planning Meeting)

To see if the Profit Club is for you join us for a free introductory session. You can meet and talk to other members before you decide.


Remember, membership fees are 50% Government subsidised and there no long term contracts.


Or feel free to call Roger or David for a chat to find out more.


We’re happy to discuss the club over the phone or we will meet you at your workplace for a coffee and a chat.